Actors’ tips to help you learn to
communicate confidently and
effectively – without the drama.

Why Come to Me?

Presenting or speaking to an audience regularly tops the list in surveys of people’s fears. Using simple techniques I introduce clients to the idea that they can manage their anxiety. l work with them in a safe and supportive environment, helping them control their nerves.

Using techniques from my stage background, I show the importance of clear speech. I like to help clients to rediscover their voices thereby extending their range and volume. I coach clients in understanding how audiences take in and retain information and show them how to inspire and persuade their audience.

Public speaking is not passive. You are the most powerful visual aid of all. Much of my training is centred on helping you to understand how you come over and how you can use your own personality and physicality to enliven a presentation.

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I have just promoted a senior manager and feel that his general style is not quite up to the mark.

I have an interview coming up for promotion and I get too nervous. Can you help?

I hate making presentations but it has become part of my job and I feel I am letting my team down.

I have been told I speak too fast. Is that something you can help me with?