5 tips to help you to speak more slowly in court

5 tips to help you to speak more slowly in court

1) Breathing.

Take a full breath between phrases and sentences. This will stop the sense of everything feeling rushed. This full breath should also stop you using fillers such as ‘ums’ or any random noise.

2) Shape the words fully.

If you take care in pronouncing your vowels and consonents you’ll discover that you need to take more time if you want to have clearer speech.

3) Posture.

Check that you are not leaning forward as that tends to make delivery faster. Find a balanced anchored position.

4) Attitude.

Some people speak rapidly because they feel that they are not worth listening to so they rush in order not to take up time. Remember that you are representing your client. You are his or her voice and you need to be listened to.

5) Facts and figures.

Much of court work is in the detail. Get used to putting in a brief pause before dates, locations, times, numbers and key persons.