Bridget McCann's exercise to combat nerves before making a presentation

Nervous before making a presentation? Try this exercise.

Breathing Exercise to combat Fight or Flight.

Sit comfortably on a simple chair, making sure your feet are planted firmly.

Imagine that in one hand you are holding a flower with a wonderful rich scent and in the other hand you are holding a lit candle.

Bring the hand with the flower up to just below your nose and breathe in the scent of your flower through your nose, imagining the scent going all the way down to your diaphragm.

Then blow out calmly and steadily through your mouth towards your candle in the other hand. This out breath should be steady.

You want to picture making the flame flicker. You don’t want to blow it out with a sudden puff of breath.

It is this steady out breath which will help you to feel calm. Once you feel you understand how this works you can place your hands loosely on your lap and just imagine the flower and candle in front of you.