conway-quoteThe basis of all competent advocacy is effective speech. This involves precise, clear and persuasive articulation.

The client is entitled to clarity of expression. One must speak gracefully and confidently to those who are on the other side of the case or matter.

Due to my extensive experience working with lawyers, I have devised training days most specifically aimed at those who have to speak in some capacity in court. From working with law firms, advocates and sheriffs, as well as running advocacy workshops at The Strathclyde Law Clinic and at The Legal Services Agency Glasgow, I have come to understand the specific skills required for court work.

Law firms

The following law firms have seen the value of what I offer and have sent staff on my courses:

Anderson Strathern LLP, Nicol and Co, Lawford Kidd, Bird Semple, Aberdeen Considine, Semple Fraser, Dundas & Wilson CS LLP, Russel & Aitken, Bonnar and Co, T.C. Young, Brodies LLP, Morton Fraser, Thomsons, Hughes Walker Law, Muirhead Buchanan, and Shield & Kyd.



Bridget and her co-author Ronald E Conway have written a book to help all aspiring and experienced lawyers alike.

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