Voice Training for business

This course for business will improve your vocal skills at work whether it be for a conference call, chairing a meeting or a keynote speech.

In the business world you need to sound reassuring and authoritative and you will wish to have more presence when you speak. There may be challenges to overcome – your audience may not speak English as a first language or you may have a difficult message to deliver. A business professional cannot afford to give mixed messages so it is vital that the voice reflects your status.

Training will cover the following practical areas:

  • How to support the voice so it sounds stronger
  • How to add variety to the voice
  • How to enunciate more clearly
  • How to speak at the right speed.

All of us have to speak in front of others in the workplace so this course is for everyone who feels that their communication skills need polishing.

Have you been accused of mumbling? Is your accent inhibiting comprehension? Do people at the back of the room struggle to hear you? Do you speak in a monotone?

Do you feel that you speak too fast? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then I can help you.